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Case Study - Breast Cancer Patients Detection


For this case study, we have taken data from UCI Machine Learning Repository: Breast Cancer Data

The dataset consists of 699 rows and 11 attributes (including Class). Class 2 means Benign Tumor (Not Cancer Patient) and 4 means Malignant Tumor (Breast Cancer patient).

Result: Top 100 Breast Cancer Patients

We have selected the dataset in "Discover" and asked to find out top 100 Breast Cancer patients. Below, we give the screenshot of "Discover":

Breast Cancer Patients Discover

When we click on "Result" button, we see the following result (given screenshot of Result):

Breast Cancer Patients Result

We find that out of 100 top rows; 97 rows are of Breast Cancer Patients. Thus, we have achieved accuracy of 97% from top 100 Breast Cancer data. It has been achieved without any feature engineering. Below, we give screenshot of the result:

Breast Cancer Patients Result With Count