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About Discover:

While tools like accounting software, ERP, CRM, etc., are essential for running a business entity, they are not sufficient due to the exponential growth of data stored by companies. Numerous unusual business activities occur during the course of business, ranging from minor to major, and some even of a serious nature. It is crucial to identify these unusual activities and take necessary actions to minimize losses and protect the company's reputation. However, uncovering these activities from a large amount of data is akin to finding a needle in a haystack. Therefore, most business entities require a powerful tool that can discover such activities without additional human input, leveraging various data such as key performance data, operational and financial data, and other relevant data.

We offer a cutting-edge solution called "Discover" that utilizes unsupervised machine learning and AI to uncover the hidden gems of your business from any type of data. This solution empowers your business to grow rapidly, maintain market leadership, and improve profitability..

"Discover" is the result of over three years of research and has been extensively tested on hundreds of public datasets in various domains, including credit card frauds, financial transactions, insurance data, intrusion detection, medical data, weather data, and more. It is capable of handling both numeric and categorical data, providing a comprehensive solution for your business needs.

Improve Revenue and Profitability

➢ Find hidden gems of data, activity and transactions to improve revenue and profitability of the companies.

Discover Hidden Gems

➢ The solution is based on Unsupervised Machine Learning, thus can discover hidden gems from the large amount of data.


➢ The solutions is tested on large number of datasets and found that it is achieving very high accuracy.

Why Discover?

  • "Discover" finds hidden gems from data in the dataset containing million rows in few minutes (speed depends on the hardware too, so this may vary from system to system). In any case, it gives result at a very fast speed.
  • It is practically impossible to manually verify each and every transaction and key performance indicator.
  • The company needs to verify only these valuable data and take necessary actions.
  • Saves human efforts, improve efficiency and avoids loss of money and reputation.

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